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Awesome Outdoor Adventures
For Dogs

More Than A Walk

I am offering a unique dog "walking" service in the Winter Park/Fraser Valley area.  I strive to make both you and your dog happy by allowing your dog to have an awesome outdoor adventure instead of a simple walk around the neighborhood!  I will pick-up and drop-off your dog at your home/condo/hotel or PIN-POINT IN A PARKING LOT and then will go with a small pack (6 dogs max) to hike, bike, swim, snowshoe, cross-country ski or whatever is best suited for that group of dogs and the time of year! 

Are you headed to explore Rocky Mountain National Park for the day?  I can pick up your best friend or you can drop off as you are driving through Winter Park/Fraser area. I will then take them on an adventure while you are on yours!

Pictures and/or video will be sent to you so you can see the fun we are having!

Check out my AllTrails Profile to see what kind of hikes I do as well as thousands of dog pics!!!

AllTrails Link:

Who's in the PAck?

I'll do a phone consult and follow-up "MEET AND GREET" as needed with every potential client to explain the attributes that are necessary for these outdoor adventures. 


Typical accepted clients possess:

  • Good off leash and/or on leash control

  • Excellent social skills

  • A love for exercise and adventure

  • Spayed/Neutered

  • Shots up to date

  • For the winter months long hair/curly breeds need their paws groomed or booties so they don't pickup ice clumps. Musher's Secret doesn't last long enough for long hikes.


To get the adventure started text me and we can talk about sending videos of your dog completing basic commands (sit, stay, come, etc) and interacting with other dogs, but I will mainly just evaluate your dog during the phone call and if needed the "MEET AND GREET"

About Me


I have been here in Colorado for 5 years now and am loving it!  I sometimes am a snowboard instructor at Winter Park Resort and have a great time doing that!  But my dream is get a great dog business going here also!  I have really connected to the Winter Park/Fraser area, it is so beautiful with so many happy people and dogs!  I love the outdoors and I get my dog out doing something different everyday.  I would love for your dog to join us!

Before coming here I was in Chicago where I ran a dog business for the last 10 years, exercising and doing light training in packs of 6 to 12 dogs.  I have taken classes in E-Collar training and can help you with that process if interested. You can check out the Yelp link that leads to reviews and photos of my last business or just keep scrolling for more pictures and referrals.  I was lucky enough to work for the Chicago Blackhawks players, so if you are into hockey, name dropped! LOL!



Morning/Afternoon Mountain Adventure

The dogs all love these 3 hour mountain adventures. This is usually about 2 1/2hrs play time and 15mins travel time each way.

Time: Start pickup(me) or drop off(you) between 8-9am/ End pickup(you) or drop off(me) between 12:30-1pm $60

Call or text about joining pack!

All Day Adventure!!!!

Let your dog enjoy the mountains while you are doing the same! This is an all day adventure we'll do the morning activity during the time above, and then an afternoon/evening daycare. I will feed dinner if needed, I will walk 1 or 2 more times, then will drop or you pickup.

Time is variable. I charge $10/hour for each additional hour after 1pm, latest time for drop off or pickup is 7pm.

Call or text about joining pack!

I do board a few dogs, 1 or 2 in my home. They are crate free unless requested, I have 5 dogs beds laying around they are also welcome to sleep with Blue and I on my bed! I also have a dog door that leads to a small enclosed deck. I will try to teach them to use the door! The price includes a morning activity!

Price $120


Past Adventures (Happy dogs!)

What the Humans Say


Duncan Keith

#2 Chicago Blackhawks

Thanks for taking great care of Mogs and Leroy! Much appreciated!


DAyna & Brent Seabrook

#7 Chicago Blackhawks

Thanks for everything over the years!! We are gonna miss you!!


Abby & Patrick Sharp

#10 Chicago Blackhawks

Thank you for being a special part of Shooter’s life!

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